Take Action

There are many ways you can make a difference and contribute to improving the lives of women and girls.

Spread the message and build the Network. Be part of this fabulous movement. Forward our emails to your friends. Have your say on our website.

Remember that the philanthropy of women includes giving skills, time and influence not only money.


Contact women’s funds and women’s organisations and ask them about their work – they will be delighted to tell you! Learn more and increase your understanding of how supporting and investing in women and girls can achieve so much and deliver so many flow-on benefits. Connect the Network to the organisations that you belong to in order to spread the message about investing in women and girls. We can provide entertaining speakers.


Talk to other donors about why they give and how they support women and girls. Find out how to evaluate a project or organisation that you are considering supporting.


If you'd like to start giving to worthwhile girls' and women's projects but are not sure how, then a good place to start is to consider some of the projects on our website.


If the way you’d like to give is through a bequest in your Will, contact your solicitor but start by visiting the Law Institute of Victoria’s website for general information.

Add your voice

If you feel deeply about women's and girls' issues, then make your voice heard and throw your weight behind the causes that ignite your passion. You can give talks, send letters to the press, email or "snail mail" Government Ministers and Members of Parliament or tell other people about it and get them involved as well.

Ask Questions

When you hear someone talk about "people", "kids", "the homeless" - ask "Is the situation different for women and girls than for men and boys?" How is the difference addressed?


Helping women and girls doesn't have to be about money – your time, skills and energy can go a long way to improving other people's lives. One of the best ways to decide if an organisation is worth supporting is to learn more about them from the inside – volunteering can help you better understand what they are all about. Once inside bring gender awareness to the organisation.

Raise Funds

You may not be in a position to donate large amounts of your own money, but many small amounts can add up to large amounts. Think about joining or setting up a Giving Circle or Fundraising Group, or become involved with an Impact Group.

Form a Giving Circle

Giving Circles are a popular way for individuals to channel and amplify donations/philanthropy. Giving Circles can be small and informal, something like a book group pooling money and giving it to a chosen charity; or they can be highly organised and require contributions of thousands of dollars and a commitment of many years.

Start a Fundraising Group

A fundraising group is a group of donors or supporters who raise funds collectively to a common cause or for the benefit of a non profit organisation.

Join an Impact Group

Individual donors give an annual contribution to a fund, which then disperses this as a major grant to increase the impact and effectiveness of the investment. Membership is generally comprised of about 100 women and each member commits $1,200 per year for five years ($1,000 per year to the pooled fund for community grants and $200 per year for educational and other program costs).

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