Gender Matters Statistics

For a better appreciation of why women and girls need philanthropic support, here are some statistics. Beware – some may shock you! We will continue to add more stats. Please let us know of any that you think should be included here.

  • Domestic and family violence is overwhelmingly the major reason women seek assistance. For women with children, domestic and family violence was the reason in 55 per cent of support periods. The majority of people turned away from homeless assistance services are women and their children.


  • In terms of figures over the past 20 years, lifetime wages of a 25-year-old woman will be $1 million less than those of a 25-year-old man ($1.4 million and 2.4 million respectively.

    - The Herald Sun, 31 August 2009.

  • Every day, 1500 women die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications. Most of these deaths are preventable.

    - World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Maternal mortality rates for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women are more than two and a half times as high as for other women.

    - National Perinatal Statistics. UNSW Faculty of Medicine

  • 235 million of the world's women would like to cap their family size but have no access to family planning.

    - Thraya Ahmed Obaid, United Nations Population Fund. The Age, 3 December 2009

  • A study of the top 200 companies in Australia found female chief financial officers and chief operating officers earned half the amount of their male counterparts.

    - Australian Financial Review, "Wages of the Gender War", 14 November 2009

The Status of World's Women

Download this comprehensive look at the Status of World's Women, produced by the Women's Fund Network.

The document covers Economic Security, Healthcare, Education, Economy and Violence. Many thanks to the Women's Funding Network for allowing us to reproduce this important document on our website.

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