2011 - Inaugural Research Findings

Mapping Australia's Philanthropic Investment in Women and Girls

'Mapping Australia's Philanthropic Investment in Women and Girls', was commissioned by the Australian Women Donors Network (Women Donors) and conducted by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (ACPNS) at Queensland University of Technology.

The Key Findings of the Research were:

  • 100 responses representing $90 million of grant-making in 2009-2010 (totalling nearly 5000 grants across all causes)
  • 615 (12% of all grants) went to organisations/projects specifically targeting women and girls
  • 32% plan to increase their funding to women and girls in the future
  • 44% will maintain their current funding to women and girls
  • Sample divided on whether they believe half of their grant funds reach women and girls
  • Half of the respondents said they did not target women and girls because they were covered in general funding
  • 10% said they couldn’t find suitable projects for women and girls
  • Most give less than 20% of their funds to women and girls, although one third give at least 40%
  • Of sample projects detailed, median grant was $10,000; most common project was for education/employment then health; most commonly for children/young women, then mothers; and mostly in Australia, then Asia

Executive Summary

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Full Version

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