Genderwise Philanthropy Guide

Download our new guide to Genderwise Philanthropy: Strengthening Society by Investing in Women & Girls:

Designed as an easy-to-read approach to inclusive giving, the Gender-Wise Philanthropy Guide:

  • provides a snapshot of the existing disadvantage experienced by women locally and globally,
  • presents inspiring case studies where women have been the key to transformational change, and
  • maps out a step-by-step guide for philanthropists in how to review and apply a gender lens to their giving.

Feedback on our Guide and from our launch events

"Eve and Julie!!!! This is a fantastic document. May I share with the Canadian Women's Foundation and the board and fund raising team? Well done. Superb work." – Margot Franssen OC

"I just had a quick look and I LOVE it. Major congrats." – Jacki Zehner, Chief Engagement Officer & President, Women Moving Milliions

"I enjoyed the session. And the material reads v well. Clear and concise messages. Well done." – Leonard Vary, Chief Executive Officer, The Myer Foundation

"Well done on a really great event yesterday. It was perfect- the content, tone, timing, look and feel. I was proud to be on your board!" – Jan Cochrane-Harry, Director, Australian Women Donors Network

"Thank you for having me to this morning’s event. I got so much out of it. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Elizabeth speak – she’s incredibly powerful and particularly motivating. I thought Peter Hunt and the work that he is doing in Manly was very thought provoking, and the young woman from the Big Issue was very moving. It really is such a great thing that you are doing. Thanks again Julie and I look forward to catching up with you again soon." – Marita Burke, Head of Brands, Buying & Marketing, Cosmetics Cubed

"It was great to be there and see your work. Amazing, and so important. So true that it's not just about redressing balance, but about philanthropy for the greatest return. And that is, as we know, achieved by investing in women. I've already begun reading the Guide." – Jeremy Meltzer, Founder & Director, iEqualchange

"Well done Julie and all at Women Donors Network! That was a great event – everyone I spoke to on the way out was complimenting the event and the work done. Elizabeth Broderick is an excellent speaker and it was all so well organised and went to plan. Lots to think on and in that short time, you managed to get the crucial points across. Thanks for including me!" – Alice Macdougall, Special Counsel, Herbert Smith Freehills

"An impressive, thoughtful and motivating event . . . you should be proud. Love the Guide and have passed copies on." – Jan Sharrock,
 Director Communications, Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission

"Today was excellent – best turn out an event in the sector for ages! And great speakers and content – coup getting Peter Hunt!" – Rikki Andrews,
 Professional Development Manager, Philanthropy Australia

"It was a resounding success!!! Well done Julie. I know how hard it is to make these things work and how hard you have worked to make it a success. I think your document is gorgeous and especially love page 14 and 15. Really practical useful things to do." – Amanda Martin, Executive Officer,
 Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network

"You absolutely nailed it today; what a fabulous line up of wonderful, inspirational speakers! Hope you are both delighted with the event and that you see some outcomes from the guide in the coming months and years." – Tina McElligott, Communications and Events, Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network









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