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Download our new guide to Genderwise Philanthropy: Strengthening Society by Investing in Women & Girls 
Designed as an easy-to-read approach to inclusive giving, the Gender-Wise Philanthropy Guide:
  • provides a snapshot of the existing disadvantage experienced by women locally and globally,
  • presents inspiring case studies where women have been the key to transformational change, and
  • maps out a step-by-step guide for philanthropists in how to review and apply a gender lens to their giving
  • Understanding Gender ...

    Gender is more than just being male or female. It has to do with being and living in the world.

    The word "gender" is often misused and misunderstood. Some people equate "gender" with "women", and believe that gender issues refer only to women's issues.

    However, the concept of gender applies to both men and women. It refers to our different socially-constructed roles, our behaviours, our activities, the way we relate, share resources, make decisions, plan for the future and participate in our community. It is different to "sex", which merely defines us in a biological and physiological way.

    Gender equality does not necessarily mean equal numbers of men and women, or boys and girls, in all activities. Nor does it mean treating men and women or boys and girls exactly the same. It is about recognising that men and women often have different needs and priorities, are faced with different constraints, have different aspirations and contribute to and participate within community in different ways.

    Achieving gender equality in our communities requires the recognition that every policy, program and project affects men and women differently. And "equality" means that one’s rights or opportunities do not depend on being male or female.

    Gender difference is a reality. It needs to extend into philanthropy and giving. No matter how well intentioned, if gender is not considered when determining philanthropic support, it may inadvertently lead to inequality.

    Gender Tools ...

    The Australian Women Donors Network serves to support the Australian philanthropic sector in understanding and applying a gender lens to achieve greater social outcomes that provide a more equitable society for everyone. We support the global movement that recognises that women’s social and economic empowerment is pivotal to achieving gender equality.

    There are a number of resources available to the philanthropic sector, which will assist you with understanding and applying a gender lens to your giving and grantmaking...


    A Gender Lens for Inclusive Philanthropy

    The Victorian Women’s Trust (VWT) has produced a fabulous resource to help Australian trusts and foundations understand the concepts of gender and its application in philanthropy. The Guide, written by VWT Executive Officer Mary Crooks, will provide you with the background, case studies and examples of key questions to use in conversations with existing and potential grantees. To purchase a copy, Click here.

    Grantmaking with a Gender Lens

    Produced by GrantCraft USA, this document provides in-depth information about applying gender analysis to grantmaking activities. The guide provides numerous case studies and also takes a look at how gender analysis has led to new thinking in fields as diverse as public health, international development, juvenile justice and youth services. The Grantcraft series of publications is funded by the Ford Foundation. To download a PDF of this document, Click here.

    Effective Philanthropy: Organisational Success through Deep Diversity and Gender Equality

    Original research into the beneficial effects of promoting gender equity via grant-making. A discussion of the positive correlation between diversity and effective philanthropy is followed by a series of case studies highlighting successful foundation activity in this area. Authors: Mary Ellen S. Capek and Molly Mead, Cambridge Mass: MIT Press, 2006. Click here for more information.

    Gender SWOT Analysis

    This is a great example of a gender SWOT analysis used by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). It demonstrates an assessment of the gender dimensions of development programs. Click here for more information.

    Gender Justice & Human Rights Grantmaking: An Introduction

    Click here for a brief overview of some key elements of gender justice within an international grantmaking framework.

    Gender: Sector Tools & Data (World Bank)

    The World Bank’s attention to gender equality started in the 1970s. This link will provide you with an array of development resources on gender. Toolkits provide ready-to-use material, including a range of tools for practical "how-to" strategies collected from program and project experience around the world. Click here for more information.

    Gender Stats (World Bank)

    Sex-disaggregated data and gender-sensitive indicators are important to diagnose the extent of gender disparities and to inform analytical work in different areas of policy. This page presents the World Bank-developed and external sources of gender-relevant indicators and databases, including statistical and law and policy databases. Click here for more information.

    The World Bank & Gender Equality: At a Glance

    The World Bank believes in “gender equality as smart economics”. Click here for more information.

    Gender Mainstreaming (United Nations). Directory of UN Resources on Gender and Women’s Issues

    Information on gender mainstreaming policies and practices in United Nations entities. Mainstreaming is the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programmes, in all areas and at all levels. The ultimate goal of this strategy is to achieve gender equality. Click here for more information.

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