Ambassadors for Change

Meet some Australian grantmakers and donors who apply a gender lens to their philanthropy and/or are specifically investing in women and girls …

Angus White, Director, Mundango Abroad

“Mundango Abroad is a small private ancillary fund set up my parents to support Australian DGRs that work overseas. We have been targeting projects that are focused on education, water and women and girls. It is clear to us that assisting women and girls in developing countries is a critical aspect of enhancing these societies. The work of organisations assisting women and girls is wide-ranging and inspiring.


Carol Schwartz AM, Chairman, Trawalla Foundation

“Alan and I established the Trawalla Foundation as a vehicle for our family's life-long philanthropic activities. Our intentions are to invest in social enterprises and opportunities that focus on arts, ideas, innovation and scholarship. Importantly however, we do this with a gender lens.


Tracey Steggall, Founder and Director, The Horizon Foundation

“I established The Horizon Foundation in 2004 to structure our giving and as a way of expressing our family values over the long term. Working with projects that prioritize women and girls has been a natural evolution in Horizon’s strategy, resonating with my belief that the empowerment of women is an issue which transcends national boundaries, and that all society benefits when women are treated equally.


Geoff Manchester, Chairperson, The Intrepid Foundation

“When Darrell Wade and I started Intrepid Travel back in 1989, we made a commitment to contribute back to the communities where we do business, in ways that would help support the locals' initiatives to improve their lives. In 2002, we established The Intrepid Foundation to improve the effectiveness of our philanthropic activities and to better engage Intrepid travellers. Travellers are invited to contribute to any of the projects supported through The Intrepid Foundation and Intrepid Travel matches their donations, dollar for dollar, and entirely funds the administration costs so that 100% of public donations reach the nominated project.


Colin Tate, Private Donor, Sydney

“I know the answer to ending global poverty is through empowering women. That's why I fund The Hunger Project.”

Harold Mitchell AC, The Harold Mitchell Foundation

My family established The Harold Mitchell Foundation in 2000 as a way of increasing our commitment to a range of philanthropic initiatives that we are passionate about both in Australia and overseas, particularly in the areas of health and the arts.


Joan Lefroy, Private Donor, Melbourne

"As a family, we value the opportunity to share our good fortune with others by empowering remarkable people to achieve extraordinary things - like the remarkable scientists at the Bruce Lefroy Centre at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne, who are leading international efforts to improve genetic health outcomes.


Jill Reichstein, Chair, Reichstein Foundation

“My first involvement with the world of philanthropy was when I was involved with the first women’s refuge in Victoria and we wrote to the Myer Foundation for operating costs. We were funded and it opened my eyes to the creative way philanthropy could create social change while empowering women to take more control of their lives. Given the opportunity and capacity, women can change their lives and the institutions which create their disempowerment.


Naomi Milgrom AO, Women in Science Fellowship

The Women in Science Fellowship is a new initiative that aims to actively redress the gender imbalance in science by creating a Fellowship for female scientific team leaders at the Florey Neuroscience Institutes to be awarded to a new recipient every five years. The Fellowship is an extension of the HFI’s current policy of gender equity in science.


More Ambassadors Coming Soon...

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